Knight High School

Senior Exit Activities and Information

Seniors, you are almost done! You have less than a month to go to make it to graduation. Before we get to graduation, there are some things you'll need to do, and some information you'll need. Don't miss out on graduation because you miss out on information! Read below to make sure you know what you need to know.
  • All students must complete the Naviance senior exit survey. Click here to access the survey. (See attached file)
  • Senior finals are May 17-19. Be ready for them!
  • We will check absences prior to senior checkout to determine if you will participate in graduation. If your attendance has been less than perfect, you should get as close as possible to perfect attendance for the rest of the year.
  • Senior checkout is May 25-26. During checkout, the following items will be checked:
    • Library fines/fees and textbooks have been returned
    • Student store/accounting fees
    • Graduation contract has been turned in
    • Grad status (grad or non-grad)
    • Completion of Naviance exit survey 
  • Upon completion of checkout, you will receive:
    • Your cap and gown
    • FOUR graduation tickets
  • All extra graduation tickets will be distributed through a lottery system. Click here to enter.                           The following rules apply:
    • Students may only enter the lottery ONE time.
    • Winners will be drawn during homeroom on May 25 and May 26. Homeroom teachers will be notified of winners, and winners will report immediately to Activities to collect the ticket. 
    • Tickets not claimed on May 25 will be given away on May 26. Tickets not claimed on May 26 will be distributed randomly during graduation practice.
    • Winners will receive ONE additional ticket.
  • Graduation practice is May 30-31. All students must attend practice on both days to participate.
  • Graduation is May 31.
Stop by Activities to talk to Mrs. Jamie.