Knight High School

Graduation FAQs

Senior Checkout

Q: When do seniors check out?

A: Students will complete the checkout process on Thursday, May 24, and Friday, May 25.

Q: Is there anything new in the checkout process?

A: All students MUST complete the graduation survey through Family Connection. The link to the survey is available at Click on Senior Exit Activities and Information, then follow the directions. (Having trouble? Click here or see the link on the website.)

Q: When will students receive graduation tickets, and caps and gowns?

A: Students will receive graduation tickets, caps, and gowns on their designated day during senior checkout.

Q: Do students have to attend school on senior checkout days?

A: Yes! By Education Code, all students are required to be at school every day. Students are expected to attend all classes through the end of the day on Friday, May 25.

Q: Do students have to attend school if they go to Grad Nite?

A: Yes! Students who attend Grad Nite, which is an optional event, are expected to attend school on Friday, May 25. With checkout happening on that day, it is in the students’ best interest to be in attendance.


Graduation Practice

Q: What date/time is graduation practice?

A: Graduation practice starts promptly at 8:00 am on Tuesday 5/29, Wednesday 5/30, and Thursday 5/31. Students should begin checking in at the large gym at 7:30. Students must have ID to check in.

Q: How long will graduation practice take?

A: Graduation practice will run as long as necessary to ensure a smooth graduation ceremony. We will not run later than noon, and the goal will be to be done sooner.

Q: Do all students have to attend graduation practice?

A: Yes! All students MUST attend and check in. Students who are not in attendance will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.



Q: What time do students need to arrive to check in for graduation?
              A: Students should arrive to check in by 4:30.

Q: How many tickets will students receive for graduation?

A: Students will receive FOUR tickets for graduation.

Q: Can I get an extra ticket to graduation?

A: Students needing an extra ticket (maximum of one per person), need to fill out the link to the Google Form here  (or on the KHS website under Senior Exit Activities and Information). We will accommodate as many requests as possible. If the number of requests exceeds the number of tickets available, all names will be put into a pool and a drawing will be held to distribute all available tickets.

Q: What time will gates open for graduation?

A: Gates will be open to start seating for graduation at 4:30.

Q: Are shade umbrellas allowed?

A: In order to allow everyone the opportunity to view the graduation, shade umbrellas are NOT allowed.

Q: Can my student wear a flower lei or decorate his/her cap?

A: No. AVUHSD policy prohibits these items. Flowers for distribution AFTER the ceremony may be available at the gates.